CheyennE | Certified Therapist

Cheyenne is a down-to-earth therapist who customizes all of her massages based on her clients needs, activities, and requests. She uses firm pressure, trigger point, Swedish, and clinical techniques to track down and eliminate knots.


Kari | certified therapist & physical therapist

Kari is not only a Massage Therapist but a Physical Therapist! Using her physical therapy expertise, she gives a massage that is focused and also relaxing. She has a wealth of knowledge in orthopedic and neuromuscular diagnoses and can specifically target the right spots needed for optimal relief.


kali | certified therapist

Kali's education began at Cal State San Marcos studying Kinesiology. She later transferred to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and completed an AA in Holistic Health. Her massage is perfectly relaxing and effective, with touches of reiki and reflexology.